Robin’s new home!

A couple of months back I spent the afternoon with my beautiful friend Robin Ingram King. She has two wonderful daughters that I adore! Robin has a deep and precious heart. That afternoon I was over to see her new home! She had just moved in, but the place already was feeling so homey…just like her. Her street was so quiet and lined with trees and natural beauty. Here is a sampling of the start of her new life in her beautiful new nest. 2016-10-03_00012016-10-03_0009



Almost in over my head…

Johnny and I have a favorite thing to do…go to the ocean. We marvel at how we are just and hour plus away from both Marin and San Francisco counties. There is so much beauty in our own back yard. Yesterday morning Johnny and I came up with a plan to go see something of “culture”. Finally, we both had the same day off…yeah!  We decided on seeing a mission or museum. So, we headed to San Francisco, and before we got to a museum we found a Mission! Mission San Rafael Arcangel. At the mission I learned a few things about the Catholic church while walking through the rebuilt mission. After having a “culture lesson”, we decided to drive to the ocean…our joy.  Once we got to the ocean it was all about the water! And I mean the water…I was taking pictures down low and the waves came upon me too fast and I was in! My wool coat and everything under it was soaked! I think I scared my husband silly! But, luckily for me he had shorts and flip-flops and a tee-shirt in the car. Johnny to the rescue! We did have a good laugh about it…well at least I did. 😉

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Celebration of Life!

This past Saturday I attended a Celebration of Life service for a special lady. She was one of the amazing staff at Teen Challenge in Lincoln Ca. on Saturday evenings when I visited the center. I met her last summer when I was spending time getting to know the girls and where I became a mentor to a couple of these precious women. She had entered the program as a student 8 years ago. After graduating she became staff…giving back and helping others find hope and healing from their addictions.

A couple of things that really hit me from our time Saturday was how very loved she was and how much beautiful grace she gave and was given. The song that we sung together was “Something Beautiful”. The song goes…”Something beautiful, something good. All my confusion He understood. All I had to offer Him was brokenness and strife, but He made something beautiful of my life”. If she were with us she would have reminded us…”Don’t sweat the small stuff” and to remember Matthew 6 “Jesus takes care of the birds of the air”. I was blessed to be there with those who also had been touched by her life.

Teen Challenge offers Christ-centered, faith-based solutions to youth, adults, and families who struggle with life-controlling problems.

Teen Challenge is holistic – meaning that we are concerned with the body, mind, and spirit of those who come to us for help. We endeavor to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive.

We are confident that a restored relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, can transform those who are broken into vibrant, free, and sober people.

The life training we offer is based on God’s Word – the Bible. Practical, appropriate, and accessible Bible-based courses facilitate the transition that can conquer life-controlling problems. At Teen Challenge, we offer a chance to start over, become a new person, live a godly life, and find freedom through a restored purpose and an eternal hope. We do this through classes, individual study, personal mentoring, work ethics training, and involvement in the Christian community.

There are over 200 Teen Challenge programs throughout the United States offering a variety of programs and services for youth, adults, and families. Admission requirements, fees, and tuition costs vary from program to program. While Teen Challenge (a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization) is diligent to provide cost-effective programs, the significant resources required to provide training, lodging, meals, supervision, and other expenses necessitate the generous support of our friends, faith communities, and a concerned society.

Each local Teen Challenge program has its own procedures and entry requirements. They also fund their programs in unique ways that work for their communities and those they serve.

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Unstoppable Conference 2016! (Lodi Calif)

This weekend I was with about 55 amazing business women at the Annual Tapestry Unstoppable Conference. This year it was held in Lodi California at the beautiful Wine And Roses Hotel with the theme being “BOLD”. Stephanie Sherwood is the wonderful lady who brings this whole event together! Wow, she is special. Stephanie shared so deeply from her heart…as did so many of the breakout and keynote teachers/speakers. As well, we had Gretchen Kelseys as our musician and were truly blessed by her lovely voice. Gretchen has just released and album and it is fantastic called “Gretchen Kelseys…Walking in the Spirit”! Kerri Kenyon was fabulous as our speaker both Thursday evening and Saturday Afternoon. We had Sheila Kennedy as our keynote on Friday. What a fantastic line up! The fellowship with all the other women was special to me. I have made so many friends through the Tapestry. I am forever changed because of these women. The fact is…is when Jesus is in our lives relationships are richer that they could ever be without him. Praise Him!


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An Evening With Kerri Kenyon

Last weekend Johnny and I were super blessed to have a chance to be together in Lodi to hear Kerri Kenyon. She is a dynamic and gifted teacher/preacher of the deep truths of God’s word. Her topic was on how God knows every single day of our entire life…that He has each of our lives memorized! What an amazing truth. She spoke of how in the Garden of Eden, after Adam and Eve ate the fruit…God went looking for them. He is the great seeker and lover of each of us. Her closing words were Back Off and Pray! We were reminded that we just need to love and pray for those in our lives that do not yet know of His amazing love for them. Then she had each of us that wished to, add our names to the scroll that ran down the aisle, as a reminder that our names are written in the book of life. She also encouraged us to place names of those that we will Back Off and Pray for. One of my favorite pictures is the one that had tear stains over the names that were written.

Here is a quote from Kerri’s website:


Your relationship with God has, is and always will be dependent on His faithful pursuit of you. He is passionate about you. He sent His Son to this earth to restore you to Himself. He has never stopped pursuing you through the power of His Spirit. He never will. His desire is for you to experience His Great Love, the love that will transform you!

You don’t have to strive or work harder to deserve His affection. Nothing you do, or don’t do, will change His heart for you. His Love is not contingent on your performance. You don’t have to live one more day under the pressure to measure up, be perfect, or hold it all together. Jesus took that burden for you on the cross.

He is chasing after you. He will finish what He has started in you. He won’t grow weary, give up or change His mind about you. No matter what. You are Loved and Relentlessly Pursued by Him!

Here is Kerri’s website.

Below, I have also added a few of pictures of our time after the service was over. We and our friends went to coffee and desert together. There was live piano music and beautiful vocals as we laughed and had some special friendship time together. Sweet fellowship for sure!

2016-02-04_0003   2016-02-04_0006 2016-02-04_0007 2016-02-04_0008


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Fabulous Fashion! The cabi Scoop/San Diego Spring 2016

Every 6 months 3400 cabi stylists gather together to learn all about the upcoming cabi collection. We have meals together, see an amazing runway fashion show and get fantastic training on the new line. It’s here we learn the latest trends and style ideas. This past week we were in San Diego and had such a great time together! Many special friends have been made during these times, as we bond, learn and play. Below is a small look at the “Scoop”…and some of the many wonderful pieces from the cabi Spring ’16 designer line!

2016-01-21_0001 2016-01-21_0002 2016-01-21_0003 2016-01-21_0019 2016-01-21_0020 2016-01-21_0021 2016-01-21_0022 2016-01-21_0023 2016-01-21_0024    2016-01-21_0007 2016-01-21_0008 2016-01-21_0009 2016-01-21_0010 2016-01-21_0011 2016-01-21_0012 2016-01-21_0013 2016-01-21_0014

Saturday evening just after the Scoop commenced, my sister Donelle (who lives in San Diego) came to whisk me off to be with her and the family and long time friends for a fantastic three-day visit. Loved our time together…whether it be in worship at church, having meals, drinking coffee, relaxing with a glass of wine or chowing down on popcorn while seeing Star Wars! Such a special thing having a sister!

The plane ride home gave me such a lovely sky to enjoy as my time away came to a close.

2016-01-21_0026 2016-01-21_0018


Wonderland of Trees!

Oh my goodness and a great huge WOW! That is what I say about Constance’s talent when it comes to decorating her home for Christmas! For over 20 years she and her husband Ronald have labored together to put up 7 to 9 fully decorated Christmas trees throughout their gorgeous home. Johnny and I were blessed to be invited to their home over the holidays for a scrumptious meal with them. But all evening long I was wishing that I had my camera with me! Knowing that I was coming back the following week for a ladies gathering, I vowed to bring my camera back. So, last night when the Valley Glenn Ladies got together for their monthly gathering (which they graciously include me in) I was in “photography heaven”. Below, enjoy some of the pretty sights that we all enjoyed while in their “Wonderland of Trees”!

2016-01-05_0003  2016-01-05_0004 2016-01-05_0002 2016-01-05_0001


The Best Week Ever!

This past week was super special for many, many reasons. Mostly because it was the time of celebrating Christ’s birth. Although, Christmas’ over the years have not always been easy for me. Not because I did not always love Jesus, but because I struggled to be all that I felt that I should be throughout the season with all of its commitments and activities. For many years I was a “single” mom and I felt really like a misfit during the Christmas season. About nine years ago God brought Johnny into my life…and the Christmas season has become so much better for me since. There is now someone to share the joys of the season with.

This particular Christmas I coordinated our extended family Christmas dinner. We had it in Roseville at my niece and her husband’s home for the first time ever. That was really wonderful. They supplied their home and the drinks. We supplied the turkey.. Mom brought her yummy traditional Swedish Meatballs and the rest of the family filled in all the amazing wonderful side dishes and desserts. It worked perfectly! My sister had flown in from San Diego and we were able to take a family photo of mom and all four of her kids. (love…)

The following day we went to Grass Valley and most of us headed to the snow of Nevada City for the Victorian Christmas Fair. Before we went to the Christmas Fair, we drove up Highway 20 to the snow. I had no idea that so many grown adults (my mother included at age 87 + one teenager) could have such a rambunctious snowball fight!!!

A couple of days later Donelle, Lindsay and I had a “sweet” time together making Christmas cookies for our neighbors and pastors.

Then Christmas Eve Johnny and I had Lindsay, Mark, Bradley and Mom to our home for dinner after attending our Christmas Eve service at church.

To top it off, on Christmas Day my dear friend Luda and her husband Terry joined us for Christmas dinner. Wow! So much love of family and friends. I am smiling just thinking of all the fabulous times together. I would do it all again…well, as soon as we get the bank account happy and pounds off from this round. 😉 But believe me, it was all worth it!!!2015-12-27_0003 2015-12-27_0004 2015-12-27_0005 2015-12-27_0006 2015-12-27_0007  2015-12-27_0009 2015-12-27_0010  2015-12-27_0012 2015-12-27_0013  2015-12-27_0015 2015-12-27_0016 2015-12-27_0017  2015-12-27_0019  2015-12-27_0021 2015-12-27_0022 2015-12-27_0023 2015-12-27_0024 2015-12-27_0025 2015-12-27_0026

2015-12-27_0027 2015-12-27_0028 2015-12-27_0029 2015-12-27_0030 2015-12-27_0031 2015-12-27_0032 2015-12-27_0033

Family and Friends in So Cal!

A month or so back I had such a fabulous time with my sister and her family in San Diego and with my friends, who both recently moved to Southern California. I took planes and trains to visit them both. It was a super blessed time. The train was so over crowded though! What was up with that? The fact is, is that people were sitting in the train in all the walkways and steps. There just were not enough seats. But, we all got to know each other pretty well!!!

My sister Donelle and family just moved from the grey sky of Portland to sunny ones of San Diego. They are loving it! The picture of the family in the courtyard is of them. The view from her daughter Sara’s room was just beautiful in the wee hours of the morning. 🙂 Thank you Sara for giving me your space for a couple of days! Donelle and I had home decorating and wonderful patio visits together. Ah…I could use more of those.

The time walking and having fellowship on the beach with Stan and Robin was very special. I so miss them as our pastor and wife…Stan was such a fabulous pastor! It was great to see their new church though. And I loved having lots of coffee and visit times with my dear friend Robin. Their hospitality was very warm.

Friends and family are growing sweater and more special over the years. Knowing, more than ever, how blessed I am to have both!

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