Bradley…from years back!

My son Bradley learned to ride a motorcycle back when he was in grade school with friends that had property. It was then that I got my first DSLR camera and captured this shot. Just yesterday he texted me from his snowy home in Montana saying how he missed riding his bike in the California warmth. Here is to you son, with wonderful memories of your childhood! 2016-12-28_0001

Rock of Roseville Planning Haiti Trip 2016

What a special experience…being a part of a mission trip. This month I will be joining a group from The Rock of Roseville on a mission trip to the island of Haiti. Below are pictures from our last meeting before we depart. As you are well aware, there has been severe devastation to this small island. Providentially, it was months ago that we as a group got together to start the process of becoming prepared to be part of this time in this poor and needy country. We will be going to a mission called Mission of Grace Haiti to minister.

If you happen to be reading this, please pause for a moment and pray for this country that has been hit so hard with hurricane Matthew.
God is in control…that is the surest thing that I can say. Again, please pray.
2016-10-09_0001 2016-10-09_0002

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Dieter Zander’s new life of “play”

Recently, myself and a small group of women have been going through a DVD study called “Soul Keeping” by John Ortberg.  In it John tells of a friend of his named Dieter Zander whom use to be a worship leader when they both worked at Willow Creek Church. John tells that he was dynamic and full of musical talent. Then in Dieters early 40’s he suffered a stroke. Now he has found a new life after loosing much of his speech and the use of his right hand. He is now a janitor for Trader Joe’s. Attached is a YouTube that tells his story. His story of how he is learning to play as he serves God now. Take some time and settle in for a bit, to listen to Dieters wonderful testimony of how God has create beauty out of suffering.

Morning has broken…blessings unlimited ahead.

Mornings, some of the most beautiful moments in life. It has been my quest to find falling asleep easier, and this past week I have tried to do what I have read many times…wake up at the same time each day. This is paying off, as it is getting much easier to fall asleep at night! One of the best pay offs is that I awake right as the sun does. This morning I was totally blessed to be greeted with this amazing scene. God is an artist unrivaled!  The bible and the book I am reading along with my morning cup of coffee is also part of this morning pleasure. Blessings unlimited…we just have to look and acknowledge.2014-08-12_0001 2014-08-12_0002 2014-08-12_0003