Matt and Kelley are Married!

Johnny and I had such an awesome time with Matt and Kelley while photographing their wedding. They choose to be married in Bodega Bay during a blustery winter weekend. But that did not stop the fabulous time that they had with friends and family! Actually, one of my important assignments with this wedding was to produce fun and silly pictures for the bride and groom to remember their day with!  Wow! What a couple of loving and fabulous families being joined together.  🙂

Congratulations Kelley and Matt!!!

Christmas Blessings of 2016

Just so you know…there is no way for me to adequately express the love and joy that I experienced this Christmas! There have been many years that I have not had comfortable feelings and experiences around Christmas. So to have been so fully comfortable and happy was awesome. Our extended family had so many “gatherings” together in a matter of two days! But each of them was special and full of love. We went to both a Christmas eve and a Christmas morning church service and had such a special time of worship and experienced the touching of the Holy Spirit. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? As for the delicious meals, there were about 22 of us total around the table on Christmas Eve and 18 on Christmas Day! Loads of smiles, hugs and love.
Oh, did I happen to mention that we have a brand new addition to our family this Christmas? You won’t miss him below!!! Yes, I am a proud Lolli! (aka grandma)

Below is a sprinkling of the love that I experienced in my heart…


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Bradley…from years back!

My son Bradley learned to ride a motorcycle back when he was in grade school with friends that had property. It was then that I got my first DSLR camera and captured this shot. Just yesterday he texted me from his snowy home in Montana saying how he missed riding his bike in the California warmth. Here is to you son, with wonderful memories of your childhood! 2016-12-28_0001

Mission of Grace in Haiti

Last month I once again boarded a plane and flew out of the country. This time on a mission trip with The Rock of Roseville to Mission of Grace in Haiti. There was a group of 25 or so that went.  I was the only one that was not from this church, but they lovingly welcomed me along. I had my camera and was blessed to be there to document about the ministry in Carries Haiti and tell a story with my pictures.

Our group stayed across the highway from where the community and the mission was. Within walking distance there were two orphanages, and elderly home, a church, a school and a clinic that we went to. While there we ministered by praying, worshiping together, hugging, feeding, giving out clothing and doing crafts with the children and teens. There were also 7 incredibly selfless men from our group that headed up the hill (a 10 hour trip) to serve a community that had been devastated by hurricane Matthew. They replaced a roof that had been blown off of a local church. Many of these men came home sick. But never did any of us notice any complaining or grumbling from them. These were some humble God honoring men.

There is no way to describe the poverty that these Haitians live in. But they are kind and joyful non the less. The kingdom of God is being infiltrated into this small community by the work of this mission and those who come to serve along side of them.

This was a trip that I am beyond grateful to have been a part of. To God be the glory.


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Sweden service project…with my camera!

Last month a team from LIFEhouse Church went to Holsby Sweden to work with Greater Europe Mission at a Torch Bearer Christian school. Greater Europe Mission is a mission organization that helps with many Christian organizations all throughout Europe. The Torch Bearer school in Holsby Brunn was in need of help with the renovation of a 100 year old building. A group of 13 of us (we called ourself the Bakers Dozen) spent two weeks on this project. My main purpose was to document, bringing back images to our church as well as provide these organizations with photos. It was also a blessing to take family portraits of two of the mission families during our stay. I as well, got in with the rest of them on the manual labor. The experience was fabulous and I am so grateful to have been able to be a part of it. Below is a sprinkling of the photos that I took of our time there.



Rock of Roseville Planning Haiti Trip 2016

What a special experience…being a part of a mission trip. This month I will be joining a group from The Rock of Roseville on a mission trip to the island of Haiti. Below are pictures from our last meeting before we depart. As you are well aware, there has been severe devastation to this small island. Providentially, it was months ago that we as a group got together to start the process of becoming prepared to be part of this time in this poor and needy country. We will be going to a mission called Mission of Grace Haiti to minister.

If you happen to be reading this, please pause for a moment and pray for this country that has been hit so hard with hurricane Matthew.
God is in control…that is the surest thing that I can say. Again, please pray.
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Little “C” turns ONE!!!

What is more special than watching your children grow? I was privileged to photograph a milestone in my friend Stephanie’s life. Her granddaughter turned one year old this month. 🙂 Stephanie’s daughter Jordan and she put such a darling Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party together for little “C”. It was all pink and blue! Here is a peek into the little wonderland that they put together!




Robin’s new home!

A couple of months back I spent the afternoon with my beautiful friend Robin Ingram King. She has two wonderful daughters that I adore! Robin has a deep and precious heart. That afternoon I was over to see her new home! She had just moved in, but the place already was feeling so homey…just like her. Her street was so quiet and lined with trees and natural beauty. Here is a sampling of the start of her new life in her beautiful new nest. 2016-10-03_00012016-10-03_0009