Seeking His Light as I pour my heart into my beautiful growing family and my passion for photography!

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My children have successfully flown…as was my goal. They are discovering what flying and living on their own is all about. Oftentimes a struggle, but equally fulfilling, because their struggle has produced in them an ability to succeed and accomplish their goals. They have their forefathers watching over them.  And they also have me, their mother, and Johnny my dear husband, praying for and encouraging them along the way in this ever challenging and wonderful journey of life.

Join me as I share my faith and family…and my dreams and realities.  I am not a “writer”, but instead a photographer with endless creative thoughts and ideas. Within this process it is my hope to release some of my creativity…mostly through my camera’s lens.

Thank you for journeying along with me while I am Seeking His Light.

With joy, Patti